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Hi there! I’m Mike Bjork.

I guide clients through brand development, craft content strategy, and write for multichannel marketing campaigns in tech, pharma, finance, healthcare, e-comm, and the nonprofit sector. I also give creative writing advice on TikTok to a community of 240K followers. Below you’ll find my portfolio. Enjoy!

Unless stated otherwise, all samples come from my work at Saltwater Collective.


EDvestinU – Student Loan Refinancing

EDvestinU was struggling to convince recent graduates to refinance their student loans with them. The reason, I quickly realized, was that their audience didn’t know enough about refinancing to commit to it — so I pitched and wrote a two-pronged campaign: one that educated first (with the video above), then retargeted to convert. This approach helped bridge the knowledge gap and led to a successful campaign.

BankNewport – Personal Teller Machine (PTM)

BankNewport wanted our help introducing their new Personal Teller Machines (PTMs), which combine the convenience of an ATM with the personal touch of a real life banker. I collaborated with our team’s animator to create this video, incorporating very clear instructions to ensure even older audience members understood how to use the new technology.

Privitar – Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar helps organizations protect, curate, and share their data quickly — even when that data has to cross borders. They call that process “modern data provisioning,” and they brought us on to help coin the term and illustrate how their platform accelerates data analysis.


Every week I post creative writing advice on TikTok to a following of 240K, and I also partnered with Campfire Writing over the course of eight months to promote their writing software. Here’s a sampling of my videos. (Also, be sure to ask sometime about the live stream where my kitchen caught fire.)


I’ve walked multiple companies through rebrands. A recent favorite was for Two Ten Footwear Foundation, a nonprofit that provides financial support to workers in the footwear industry. Working alongside our team’s researcher and designer, I helped refresh their brand identity with a new mission statement, tagline, brand voice, and messaging hierarchy.


I began my career in communications, interviewing and writing about scientists and researchers. Since switching to marketing, I’ve written a wider variety of articles, blog posts, and guides for different clients and audiences. Here are a few samples.


I frequently lead the writing for our website projects, reigning in sprawling documents with clear, easy to follow content templates I’ve developed. In the case of Celerion, I wrote all high-level pages and then guided their experts in writing the subpages.


One of my greatest strengths as a copywriter is my versatility. I frequently write for multichannel campaigns that cross a wide variety of digital and traditional placements, and have written for product packaging, mailers, billboards, bus wraps, and more.

Want to get in touch?

Email me at: michaelbjorkwrites@gmail.com

Or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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