Is First Person POV bad? | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Should you write your story in first person? What should you do if your story has a lot of backstory? And what role does tension play in writing? Find out in this week’s video!

  • 00:09 Is 1st person POV bad?
  • 01:24 Telling stories with a lot of backstory
  • 02:21 Creating unique magic systems
  • 03:20 Picking a title
  • 04:07 Do you have to know the ending?
  • 05:41 Writing a strategy-planning scene
  • 07:08 Developing character dynamics
  • 08:44 Writing stories with a lot of lore
  • 10:12 Is conflict necessary?
  • 11:54 Creating chemistry between friends
  • 13:32 Pet Semetary, by Stephen King

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