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A Weekly Roundup: Trying something new

It’s been a while since I last posted!

Over a year, in fact.

Why so long?

Because in July of 2020, I started posting creative writing advice on TikTok — initially every day, and now every other day, with an hour-long live stream every Saturday. I also finished the first draft of a YA fantasy novel called Winterlight, which I’m elbows deep into revising. So the blog has suffered.

I’d like to change that.

Starting today, Friday the 13th (surely a good omen), I’m going to start posting weekly video roundups of my creative writing advice. What will it include? Each week I’ll share:

  • A long-form video with highlights from my previous live stream (embedded above)
  • A collection of my TikToks from the past week (embedded below)
  • An old favorite piece of advice from TikTok (also embedded below)

Hope you enjoy the new format! (And the sound of my voice.)

This week on TikTok

An old favorite: How to write better enemies to lovers

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