Magic, Love, and Biopunk | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Some fun topics! During my latest live stream (highlights above), I shared advice on:

  • 00:12  Making a power system memorable
  • 01:27  Tips for “best friends to lovers”
  • 02:53   How to write faster
  • 03:52   Making a villain the main character
  • 05:22   When people dislike your writing
  • 06:25   Writing better fight scenes
  • 10:02   How to write without inspiration
  • 11:52   Whether all stories need a theme

Enjoy! And if you ever want to join a live stream, I go live on TikTok every Saturday at 2 p.m. Central Time. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Check out the “friends to lovers” TikTok below. I cut it down from the live stream, and it’s shaping up to be my most successful video in a while (over 250K views in less than a day). Hope you find it helpful!

This week on TikTok

An old favorite: How to convey your story’s power system

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