First Kiss, Idea Theft, & Agatha Christie | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Need help writing a first kiss scene? Wondering how important (or unimportant) grammar is for writers? Check out this week’s live stream highlights! This week’s topics include:

  • 00:10 Writing a first kiss
  • 01:45 Is grammar important?
  • 04:04 Fear of idea theft
  • 05:04 How much characterization?
  • 07:00 Advice for flashbacks
  • 07:58 Thoughts on Agatha Christie
  • 09:29 Books for writers
  • 10:49 College majors for writers

Want to join my next live stream? Hop on my TikTok at 2 p.m. Central Time, every Saturday. Hope to see you there!

This week on TikTok

An old favorite: Telling stories with puzzles

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