Tragic Backstories & Writing “Out of Character” | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Can a backstory be too tragic? What makes a character feel human? And when is it appropriate to write “out of character”?

For answers to these and other questions, check out this week’s videos!

  • 00:08 Can a backstory be too tragic?
  • 02:00 Plotting 3 POV stories
  • 02:47 When should characters be foils?
  • 04:13 Making characters feel human
  • 06:14 When to write “out of character”
  • 07:52 Killing a character for the plot
  • 08:40 How to stop second guessing yourself
  • 09:59 Writing interesting characters
  • 11:12 The king of unreliable narrators
  • 13:27 Should stories answer every question?

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An old favorite: Evolving clichés

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