The 2 Types of Horror Stories | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Want to dabble in horror this Halloween season? In this week’s video, I break down what I see as two distinct approaches to horror, how to convey the death of a POV character, and more.

(And if you want to see an example of a literary jump scare, check out my “Old Favorite” TikTok at the end of this post.)

  • 00:07 The two types of horror
  • 02:31 When the POV character dies
  • 03:23 How to write consistently
  • 04:40 Fixing “slow” scenes
  • 05:59 1st or 3rd POV. Which is better?
  • 06:42 When characters “go crazy”
  • 07:30 Can you mix past/present tense?
  • 08:30 Making memorable characters
  • 09:30 Are adjectives bad?
  • 10:34 Get more out of writing workshops

Want to join my next live stream? Visit my TikTok on Saturdays at 2 p.m. Central Time. Hope to see you there!

This week on TikTok

An old favorite: Jump scares in books

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