3 Ways to Write a Series & More | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Let’s talk about how to structure a book series, write mature themes into children’s literature, and a whole lot more in this week’s video. Hope you enjoy!

  • 00:08 Making stories scarier
  • 01:42 Three ways to write a series
  • 03:46 How much dialogue is okay?
  • 04:54 Burning your first draft
  • 05:51 How to stop over-editing first drafts
  • 08:03 Hooking readers
  • 10:01 Books to inspire your worldbuilding
  • 11:20 Spooky reads for Halloween
  • 12:09 Coming up with story ideas
  • 13:36 Making travel stories interesting
  • 15:08 Writing mature themes in children’s literature

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An old favorite: Writing from a collective perspective

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