Hinting at Unreliable Narrators & More | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

Let’s talk about unreliable narrators, slow burn romance, and some tricks for addressing common writing problems in this week’s video. Hope you enjoy!

  • 00:06 Slow burn romance
  • 01:20 Hinting at unreliable narrators
  • 04:02 Cinematic writing styles
  • 04:36 Why do I hate my writing?
  • 06:25 Structures for multi-POV stories
  • 07:23 Balancing 2 main characters
  • 07:55 Connecting a disjointed plot
  • 09:21 What’s enough description?
  • 11:35 Trick for cutting characters
  • 12:22 Planning character growth
  • 12:53 Do all characters need to be developed?
  • 13:53 Advice for beginners

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This week on TikTok

An old favorite: Do all stories have an antagonist?


So it depends how narrowly you define “antagonist.” Reply to @daniellasquare #authorsoftiktok #writingtips #writing #booktok

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