Videogame Storytelling & More | Weekly Roundup

This week on Weekly Roundup…

For advice on everything from videogame storytelling to what it means to be “original,” I hope you enjoy this week’s video!

  • 00:10 Foreshadowing future conflicts
  • 01:12 Videogame storytelling
  • 04:02 Writing out of order
  • 05:02 How to be “original”
  • 06:51 Conveying character thoughts
  • 08:57 Does fiction advice transfer to film?
  • 09:42 What if a side character steals the show?
  • 10:33 What to do with the MC’s parents
  • 11:46 Can you write romance without experience?
  • 12:38 Turning off the brain while writing

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